Comfort, Performace and Injury Prevention

Bike Fit Services

Basic Bike Fit

Focus on the core components of bike fitting:
Extension, Flexion, and Balance.
Addresses the major concerns within the given time frame.
2h – £125

The essential adjustments

Comprehensive Bike Fit

Individually tailored, our Comprehensive Bike Fit enhances comfort, performance, and injury prevention through personalised position, saddle, and shoe analysis.
5h – £220

The perfect option for the ultimate setup

Basic Bike Fit (2h)Comprehensive Bike Fit (up to 5h)
Pre-fit questionnaire
History & injury overview
Review goals and expectations
On & off the bike assessment
Cleat positioning
Insole fitting & testing (insoles are extra)
Sizing stem & sizing handlebar (bike permitting)
Summary of the session
Basic bike measurements
Complete feet measurements
Shoe fit assessment and recommendations
Foot comfort optimisation
Saddle testing (if needed)
Sizing Cranks / Crank testing (bike permitting)
Fitting new components (if available on the day)
Shifter adjustments
Videos of the session available on request
In-depth report
Complete bike measurements
Discounted follow-up consulations