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Bike Fit

Do I really need a bike fit?

Yes, it is likely you do. Even if you feel fine on the bike, it doesn’t mean your setup is optimal. The body is really good at adapting and a sub-optimal position is unnecessarily stressful to the body. This could result in a loss of power and could cause injuries in the long term.

When should I get a bike fit?

As a Chinese proverb says: “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”. The same applies for a bike fit. Ideally, you should have a fit before buying your bike to make sure you get the correct size and, more importantly, the correct geometry – fit first, buy later. If you already have your bike, then it is still time to get a bike fit to optimise your riding position.

I already had a fit, when will I need another one?

Firstly, how good was the fit you had? Unfortunately, not all fits set you optimally. Secondly, you only need to change your position if something has changed. If you have gained/lost weight or if your fitness level as changed then you would benefit from a new bike fit.

Will I be faster and will my FTP go up?

Yes is the short answer. The more sub-optimal your position was, the bigger the gain. The main benefit may not necessarily be a massive FTP increase but more likely you will see an increase in sustainability of power. You will therefore be able to cycle further and more often.

Will it be expensive

The price for the services can be found on the pricing page. During the fit process, we may identify some components (i.e.: stem, handlebar, saddle,…) that need to be changed to set the optimal position. These components will need to be purchased separately.

I just had a fit and it doesn’t feel right

If the position has been radically changed the body will need some time to adjust to the new position. The position will be different and your memory muscle may make it feel weird. Give yourself 3 weeks to adapt to this new position. You should then feel great, but if you do not, or if you experience pain, something may be not be correct – get back in touch to correct this.

What is involved in a bike fit and how long does it take?

The complete process should take around 2 hours. We will start by a conversation to understand your history, your physical limitations and your main goals. The next step is to get you cycling and to optimise your position. The last step is to measure your bike and recommend the necessary changes.

What will I get out of the fit?

At the end of the fit, you will get a report summarising the interview, the changes made to the bike and also the recommended sizes for the components if needed.


I have to cancel or reschedule, what are my options?

If you need to re-arrange, please let us know with as much advanced warning as possible.

Cancelling or rescheduling:

  • within 1 week (7 days) of an appointment will incur a charge of £30 for the Basic Bike Fit or £50 for the Comprehensive Bike Fit.
  • within 48 hours of an appointment will incur a charge of £90 for the Basic Bike Fit or £150 for the Comprehensive Bike Fit.
  • A ‘no-show’ on the day of a fit will incur a fee of £90 for the Basic Bike Fit or £150 for the Comprehensive Bike Fit.

The fees will be deducted from the amount refunded to you.

What happens if I am late for the session?

If you will be late for the session, please inform us as soon as possible. The delay may impact the time available for the session and we may not be able to provide the complete service. No refund or compensation will be provided.
If you have not arrived within one hour of the starting time of the appointement, it will be considered a ‘no-show’ and fees may apply.

Will my bike be perfectly setup by the end of the session?

We will do our best to set the bike up as close as possible to the optimal position.
However, to reach the optimal position, additional purchases may be required (such as handlebar, stem, cranks, saddle, etc.).
As the fit studio is based in a bike shop, we will be able to give you options on the day and you will have the choice to purchase the items.
Please note that not following the full recommendations will likely result in a non-optimal position.

My bike has fully integrated cables, can we still do a bike fit?

Yes we can still do a bike fit and adjust most of the settings. Having fully integrated cables or proprietary parts may however limit the use of some bike fitting tools such as the stem sizer. It means that we may not be able to trial many different positions and being more difficult to reach the optimal setup. Finally, a workshop booking with a bike shop may be required to fit some of the new parts.

What happens if it doesn’t feel right?

If you still have issues or pain within 4 weeks of having one of the services provided, get back in touch! You will get a free check-up consultation to understand what is causing the issue and we will work on fixing it. A maximum of 2 sessions will be provided. If the issue cannot be solved, the problem may not be related to the position/fit and you may need to seek medical advice.
Please note that your memory muscle may make the new position feel strange. Give yourself 3 weeks to adapt to the new position. You should then feel great, but if you do not, or if you experience pain, something may be not be quite right – get back in touch to correct this.
The free check-up will only be provided if the optimal position has been replicated on the bike and all the recomended changes have been made.

Pre Bike Fit

Is there anything to do prior to the fit?

Yes, there are a few things you can do prior to your appointment to make sure the session will run smoothly and make the process optimal.

Make sure your cleats and pedals are in good condition

If your cleats are worn down, they will not engage correctly with the pedal. This can impact the fit and create issues when fitting a new set of cleats. It is best to start with a fresh new set.
The same applies for the pedals. Check for the general condition and any movement once clipped-in.
If the cleats and/or the pedals are badly worn, a new set may need to be purchased on the day.

Bike condition

This is a great opportunity to provide some TLC to your bike. Give it a good clean and check it is in good condition (you can contact your local bike shop and ask for one of their service packages). You can check all the bolts around the saddle clamp, handlebar and stem. Make sure they can loosen and tighten back up and they are not rounded or damaged. This will avoid surprises such as snapping a screw or not being able to loosen an element on the bike. Spare screws and bolts will be available on the day from the bike shop at an extra cost.

Seat post

It is common for proprietory carbon seat posts (i.e.: aero seat posts) to seize in the seat tube. In some instances, it may require the intervention of a specialist to remove the seat post from the seat tube without damaging it. This operation while being costly and time consumming means we would not be able to adjust the saddle height. Prior to the bike fit, make sure your seat clamp can be loosened and that the seat post moves freely within the seat tube.