Comfort, Performace and Injury Prevention

Foot Activation

Guarantees the greatest power transfer while reducing discomfort and saddle pressure.

Foot Activation focuses only on one contact point: foot/shoe/pedal. This service is only recommended to cyclists using clipless pedals such as SPD, Look, SPEEDPLAY or any other types of pedals. While it is possible to perform Foot Activation with flat pedals, the benefits may not be as important. Only focusing on one of the three contact points (saddle, handlebar, pedals) can still greatly improve the overall position and comfort on the bike. Once the foot is correctly supported, the proprioception will be improved and the Central Nervous System (CNS) will be released of unnecessary stress.

Foot Activation can only show 100% of its potential if the overall position on the bike is correct. It is therefore recommended to perform this service as part of the Full Bike Fit or in addition of the Body Positioning service.

During this session, we will start by measuring your feet and asses your current shoes (size, width, shape,…). Once this step is completed, we will select and finely tune the insoles so they perfectly support the sole of the feet. Once the feet are correctly supported, we will move onto the dynamic support of the foot using specifically designed products from FORM Bikefitting. The position of the cleats may also be adjusted throughout the session.

If you are a cyclist who still uses the original insoles that came in your cycling shoes, you are definitely missing out and you should consider booking this service to improve the feel and comfort of your shoes. A bad foot support can be the reason for multiple issues such as foot discomfort or even saddle soreness.

Most important and most neglected (or even ommited) part of a bike fit.
Arch support, inside and outside wedging and shims make sure every watt goes to the pedals.